Get $5 from LinkFormBlog

In contrast to other Paid Review Program, as sponsoredreviews, Blogvertise, ReviewMe, etc., in the Link From Blog we'll get a signup bonus of its value depending on the popularity of blogs that we register, etc. Page Rank. Example, for my "fadlie web dot dot id, which has received $ 5 ... okay for encouragement.

To get the bonus $ is, we are asked to make a posting about In the posting, there is an affiliate link or banners that lead to and also invisible or visible counter code (select one).

More specifically, consider the following way:

  • Sign in or if you have the list, please register here.
  • Click Add New Blog
  • Please complete the registration form.
  • When registration is complete, then we will be in the list of blogs we have listed. See the picture below (click image to enlarge). Blog first and second, registering process is finished and can be a bonus, while the third has not, because the new list. For a new blog registered, will look Activate writing (writing to flash - blink) Actions column (red arrows).
  • Please click on Activate and we will go to the page "How to activate a blog" like below (click image to enlarge).
  • How to activate a blog: explained that to activate the blog and get a bonus for the blog that the register, we are suggested to make a posting about the links from blogs. Within these postings are affiliate links or banners and also invisible or visible counter code (select one)
  • To select the affiliate link or banner, just click the affiliate link or banners (gamabr red box above) and choose affiliate link or banners that match.
  • Blue box: the invisible counter code to the input at the beginning, middle or end of the posting, if you want to use a visible counter code, click "Select visible counter" (blue arrows). And please select one of the existing counter visible.
  • Purple box: a place to enter the URL of the posting that we make.
  • It is time we make her postings. Postings can be English or Indonesian. Click here or here to see examples of postings I've made.
  • If the posting is complete, copy the URL of the posting, and input the appropriate box. Then click activate.
  • After activation is complete, it appears writing Moderation. Moderation means the postings linkfromblog was mengechek we make. Based on my experience, less than 1 hour would be found out what a bonus that we get. 
  • If the moderation is completed, we will get a message from the administrator LFB.
How interested in getting a bonus, Register Here.

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