Surrogates (2009) CAM-STG

“Surrogates” flirts with big ideas about virtual reality, the dangers of technology on the human soul and the government’s control over electronic communications but ultimately tosses them all aside for some good old fashioned chase scenes and shoot-outs.

Thankfully, director Jonathan Mostow (“Terminator 3,” “Breakdown”) makes the proceedings such fun that you’re willing to forfeit the smart satire this might have been for the trashy adventure flick that it is.

In the near future, most of the human population stays at home and lives their lives through surrogates, life-like androids that go out into the big, bad world and interact with each other while their operators lie in bed and control their avatar via headset. Subsequently, the world has become a cleaner and seemingly calmer place, which is why it’s such a big deal when an assailant fries a surrogate — and, by extension, its human operator.

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