IronMan 2 has finally released a trailer and I have to say I remember why I loved the first.  There is something about Tony Stark’s cavalier way of acting that really makes me like his character.  There also seems to be quite a bit of drama that is building up in the next installment, but really what I want in more armored action and of course WAR MACHINE! Leaving off wear the last movie ended,  we find Tony Stark dealing with his actions after revealing to the masses that he is Iron Man.  This is a super hero taboo to reveal your true identity, but stark always was a rule breaker.  Now the Government is asking him to hand over the weapon and Tony is actually protecting him self by claiming the armor is private property.  Only the leader of Stark industries could pull that card on an entire nation and only Tony could do it while looking like a rock star.  This is not the end of his troubles, not by a long shot.  While enjoying the super hero lime light, tony finds a new enemy vowing vengeance on the lives that Stark industries have destroyed.  Enter Crimson Dynamo…er, I mean Backlash.  Ivan Vanko, in the comic, was the Crimson Dynamo, Russia’s black market version of  Iron Man. In the movie, Ivan appears as Backlash, another enemy in the series, who has crafted a crude weapon off of stolen ARK reactor plans.  The weapon seems to draw the power of the ARK reactor into two conduits that run down each arm.  these whips have shown the ability to destroy metal, or whatever they come into contact with.  Bad News for Iron Man.   Although not following with the Crimson Dynamo character, they have introduced Black Widow who was Crimson’s love interest.  There are several potential spoilers revolving around Black widow, who is no relation to the Spider-man Series, but we can only wait and see if Paramont uses them in the movie script.  Also emerging, is the long awaited and heavily hinted, appearance of War Machine.  iron-man-2-20091201004226590_640w
There seems to be some debate on how Rhodes, now played by Don Cheadle, obtains the suite.  He originally gets the suite from Stark, but with Justin Hammer, Starks corporate rival, playing a part in the saga, it is still unsure where he get it and if he is even on Iron Man’s side.  There is tons of action as Iron Man and War Machine battle armored enemies, as stark fights for his life against Whiplash, and as Shield is infiltrated by the beautiful Black Widow.  With this many characters, sub-plots, and all that action, it is sure to provided for a killer sequel.  Now where is that Avengers movie?


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