Album Design V5.5.2

Album Design V5.5.2 | 2.7 Mb

Album DS is an album design software for Photoshop and works like a toolbar for Photoshop CS or higher. Photoshop’s working area is used for designing the albums instead of any own area, meaning unlimited creativity because you have direct access to all Photoshop tools.
If you need a template it will open in Photoshop at the album size by just double clicking the template thumbnail, you don’t need to search for a predefined size template as any template will fit any size; and best of all: you may easily modify the document in Photoshop because it is a true PSD file.

Album DS automates the designing process by keeping track of used pictures, placing automatically the images, applying effects, allowing direct and easy access to templates, backgrounds, masks, cliparts, styles, frames, etc.

Each album will be saved in his own folder, you may change from one album to another by just selecting the folder and all sheets, pictures and controls of folders will be retrieved with the album. This even allows for easily creating a backup of your work, just backup the folder and all your files will be included.
You may even automate the creation of the whole album, just select the templates and pictures and Album DS will do the rest.
We have included a filtering process for the templates, you may search by number of pictures, horizontally placed pictures and vertically placed pictures; also a mouse over preview is included for all elements, fully resizable and dockable to the main Album DS window.
I would suggest you just to download the free demo and try it, it will not mark your pictures or sheets and a bunch of templates, backgrounds, masks, etc are included. During 30 days you may enjoy from this tool and design your first fast and creative albums.
With Album DS, you will create gorgeous digital photo albums fast and easy from within Adobe Photoshop™ a program you already use and love….
Key Features:
• Templates
500 creative designs broken down into categories such as Double Page Spreads, Single Page Spreads, (grouped by styles such as Classic, Creative, Fancy, Modern, and Trendy) Baby, Collages, Cards (announcements, invites, etc), Photo Book/Album Covers, Fun (magazine covers), Photo Book/Album Dust Jackets, First & Last pages, Marketing (business cards, DVD labels, DVD cases, book marks, calendars) Seniors, Sports (trader cards etc), Storyboards. Click here to download a full PDF catalogue of My Designer Edition Templates ( about 5Mb file).
• Backgrounds
45 Creative and artistic high resolution files made by MyDesigner Studio used in the creation of the designs are also included in separate files ready for you to create your own designs as well as use to modify existing designs.
• Clipart
58 high resolution files used in the creative designs can also be used for further modification. Sports equipment images, baby footprints, 2008 bookmark calendar, torn paper frames, film strips, photo booth strips, fun dots, paint strokes and note tags name a few of the art files included.
• Masks
25 additional masks that can be used to change masks used in the ready made designs or used to further customize and incorporate your personal touch to your client’s designs.
• Patterns
Fancy, fun, swirly patterns applied as a layer style on color fill layers in many of the MyDesigner Studio designs dress up a nice classy design into an extraordinary piece. Patterns can really enhance any of the designs inspiring the excitement your clients will feel when they see the finished results. Patterns are scalable when adjusting the sliders in the layers palette to provide the right look for the design size you are creating. Add impact and beauty with our patterns and take your designs to the next level.




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